GRANDVIEW, Mo., October 24, 2019 – Spear Power Systems, Inc. (Spear) has provided an advanced lithium-ion battery system to Raytheon for the first counter-unmanned aerial system (CUAS) delivered to the U.S. Air Force. The system will be deployed overseas as part of a year-long Air Force experiment to train operators and test the system’s effectiveness in real-world conditions.

The highly compact battery delivers a tremendous amount of power to the laser at the heart of the system, which is installed on a small all-terrain vehicle. The high power enables the system to neutralize the UAS in a matter of seconds.

“Protecting the American warfighter and our allies from the threat posed by enemy drones is a top priority for the nation,” notes Spear’s President and CEO Jeff Kostos. “We help enable Raytheon to make this solution highly mobile, by making the battery small and lightweight. The real key, though, was getting them a solution quickly. We delivered a highly customized solution in a matter of months to Raytheon, and that means protection will be in the field faster.”

Spear delivered its first directed energy weapon (DEW) battery directly to the U.S. Air Force in 2013. They have remained on the front line of development of energy storage for high energy laser (HEL) and high power microwave (HPM) applications.

About Spear Power Systems

Founded in 2014 by experienced energy storage entrepreneurs Jeff Kostos, President & CEO, and Dr. Joon Kim, CTO, Spear designs and manufactures safe, high-performance energy storage systems (ESS) for clients with some of the world’s most demanding industrial and defense applications. Spear takes a chemistry agnostic approach towards integrating its in-house designed, scalable electronics, software, and mechanical systems with the most application-appropriate chemistry in order to maximize the value for its clients. For more information, visit