Work Boat Show
New Orleans, LA
December 1-3, 2015
Spear Booth 4351

Kansas City, MO, November 30, 2015: Spear Power Systems, the premier supplier of safe, reliable energy storage solutions for the most demanding applications, is pleased to announce the new Trident™ family of advanced lithium-ion battery storage systems for marine applications.

“Trident’s unique approach offering multiple lithium-ion cell chemistries with a common interface and advanced safety system provides ship owners the opportunity to maximize value for different applications from full electric propulsion to dynamic positioning while reducing integration costs across different vessel types.” says Jeff Kostos, Spear President and CEO.

The modular Trident Energy Storage Solution (ESS) uses a proprietary battery management system, innovative cell temperature management, and safety event management solution to ensure clean, reliable power remains available in the harshest environments. The long life, low resistance cells meticulously selected for Trident offer specific solutions for fully electric ferry propulsion, short duration offshore service vessel black out prevention, and diesel-battery hybrid workboats. Trident will reduce maintenance, fuel consumption, and emissions while providing reliable power and responsive handling for boat captains.

About Spear Power Systems

Spear Power Systems designs and manufactures safe, reliable lithium-ion battery storage systems for demanding applications including defense, marine propulsion, oil & gas, and mining. Spear’s decades of experience and customer centric, electrochemistry agnostic approach maximizes value and reduces the time to deployment.