Evergy Ventures

Evergy Ventures is the investment affiliate of Evergy, Inc., based in the Midwest, that focuses its investment portfolio in the core areas of digital utility, connected utility, distributed energy resources, and intelligent connected buildlings. They look to spur on innovation and growth in progressive companies that make energy technology more accessible, cheaper, and more efficient. Spear Power Systems is supported by Evergy Ventures to foster energy solutions that move us forward into a future of cleaner, safer, and more reliable energy solutions. 

Emerald Technology Ventures

Emerald Technology Ventures is an industrial technology investment leader that focus on expanding businesses in Europe and North America. In the sectors of advanced materials, agriculture, energy, industrial IT, and water, Emerald brings expertise and an industrial network that helps growing companies accelerate growth and overcome challenges. Spear Power Systems added Emerald to its global syndicate of advanced energy investors to promote the continued expansion of Spear's battery solutions. Together, Emerald and Spear look to further develop battery energy technology that is both smarter and safer.

U.S. Department of Defense

Spear Power Systems is proud to partner with the U.S. Department of Defense and to provide customized energy and battery management solutions to the different military departments. With the U.S. Army, Spear assisted operations through the development of a lithium-ion 6T battery concept design. Spear also provided an advanced lithium-ion battery system for the first Counter-UAS Laser System, developed by Raytheon, deployed by the U.S. Air Force. Spear is priveleged to provide defensive support to American troops and their allies through advanced battery technology.

Energy Innovation Capital

Energy Innovation Capital is a premier capital provider for innovators serving the energy industry. They provide early and growth-stage funding for visionary entrepreneurs tackling global energy challenges with transformative, market-leading solutions. Spear Power Systems added Energy Innovation Capital to its global syndicate of advanced energy investors to fund the growth of Spear's high-performance energy storage systems with an emphasis in greener, safer technology. 

Demetree Global

Demetree Global is a family investment firm that has pioneered the areas of land development, construction, commercial real estate, and land use for over 65 years. By investing in assets that improve lives today, they seek to help foster a better future for the world. Demetree and Spear Power Systems are partnered to continue the development of green energy solutions and battery management systems. This strategic partnership allows the eco-friendly battery technology of Spear, supported by Demetree, to help contribute to a future of cleaner and more efficient energy use.

ABB Technology Ventures

ABB is a pioneering technology leader that works closely with utilities, industry, transportation and infrastructure customers to write the future of industrial digitalization and realize value. Spear Power Systems added ABB Technology Ventures to its global syndicate of advanced energy investors to fund expansion of the battery maker’s global footprint, production capacity, and continued research and development. ABB and Spear partnered to provide safe and innovative energy storage solutions with Spear's efficient products helping accelerate the transformation of ABB's global infrastructure to increase efficiency and sustainably.

Chevron Technology Ventures

Chevron Technology Ventures is a major innovator that oversees the integretation of new technologies into Chevron. They seek out emerging technologies in the areas of water management, production enhancement, emerging materials, power systems, information technology, and subsurface & base business that can be adopted into Chevron's business operations. Chevron Technology Ventures and Spear have partnered together to establish an enhanced energy delivery system that improves the value chain and champions the way for future power management innovation.

Nabtesco Technology Ventures

Nabtesco Technology Ventures is a corporate venture fund launched by Japan's Nabtesco Corporation in 2018 to invest in innovative, disruptive technologies around the world. As a global leader in their field, Nabtesco Technology Ventures seeks out entreprenuerial startups and growth-phase companies who are active in raising the ceiling of technological innovation. Spear Power Systems added Nabtesco Technology Ventures to its global syndicate of advanced energy investors to promote the continued growth of Spear's advanced battery technology.

Curran Companies

A focused family office, Curran Companies is a leading sponsor of management buyouts and fundless sponsors. They invest capital and experience in strong management teams that can grow their lower middle market business into a market leader. Curran Companies makes control investments in smaller middle market companies and then back their private capital with critical resources, insight, and operations—all to help businesses realize their full performance potential and become market leaders.

KCRise Fund

KCRise Fund is a  Kansas City based-venture capital firm which invests in early-stage technology companies with significant operations in the western half of Missouri and all of Kansas. Launched in 2016, they live out their vision for a greater Kansas City region to build capacity, bring exisiting business to scale, and fully realize the KC region's potential. Spear Power Systems added KCRise Fund to its global syndicate of advanced energy investors to continue supporting the Kansas City area with more progressive and eco-friendly battery systems and energy solutions.

Foley Industries

Foley Industries is a group of companies that primarily serves the Kansas and Western Missouri areas through involvement with CAT dealerships. Their network is focused on the sectors of construction, energy and technology. Foley Industries and Spear Power Systems have partnered to further develop advanced energy systems and battery technology for industrial equipment. With the power of Spear's innovative battery systems, Foley Industries sees a brighter and safer future for the CAT industry.