Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to most commonly asked questions about Spear Power Systems' products, applications and techonlogies. 

When was the company founded?

Spear Power Systems was founded in 2013 by Spear's leadership team - Jeff Kostos and Dr. Joon Kim - and their partnership with Dow Chemical. Review Spear's timeline for additional information on our history.

Where is the company headquarters?

The company is headquartered in Grandview MO.

What types of batteries are manufactured?

Spear Power Systems stands at the forefront of radically safe and innovative lithium-ion battery storage systems for a range of demanding applications - whether on land, at sea or in the air. Learn more about our decades of experience in cell and battery systems manufacturing here.

Who does Spear Power Systems' partner with?

Spear Power Systems' partners with venture capital firms, industrial technology leaders, dealers in the energy sector and a variety of corporate and government innovators. View our list of partners

Does Spear sell batteries outside the US?

Spear has offices in Kansas City, Europe and South America and is uniquely positioned to service our international clients.