Mitch Mabrey is a founding member and leads Spear’s European Expansion as the General Manager of Spear BV. As the GM of Spear's subsidiary, Mitch guides Spear's global expansion in both reach and capability. Mitch received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology and is also fluent in French. Mitch has more than 10 years of experience in electromechanical design, applications engineering, information technology, and business development.

Before joining the Spear team, Mitch worked with several companies including Accenture and Honeywell FM&T. He also spent time as a US Foreign Service officer for the US Department of State in Guyana and France. Mitch came aboard the Spear team when it was still Dow Kokam in 2010 and oversaw the product development and application engineering teams while simultaneously securing over $10 million of initial business within a 6-month period. As the VP of Business Development, Mitch guides Spear’s strategic direction in multiple integrated energy storage markets.