Daryll Nottingham is one of Spear’s founding members and serves as the Vice President of Business Operations and Contracts. Daryll earned her Master’s in International Business and a BS of Science from Regis University. She has over 30 years of experience with the US Government managing contracting organizations and has earned Level III certification in contracting. She also remains an active member of the Army Acquisition Corps.

During her tenure with the US Government, Daryll provided essential worldwide support through developing, negotiating, and administering contracts to support research and development efforts across the globe. Daryll’s intuition and expertise enabled her to craft customer-unique, broad-scope arrangements focused on acquisition reform and efficiency initiatives that have since been adopted as standard procedure across multiple organizations. Her efforts have been recognized through numerous achievement awards, including three Meritorious Civilian Service Awards, recognition from six of the ten Combatant Commands, and numerous Commander’s Awards. Since joining the Spear team in October of 2012, Daryll has been instrumental in negotiating and administered Spear’s business engagements with the US Government, whether through contracts, grants, cooperative agreements, or technology investment agreements. She also implements and oversees best-in-class company processes that align with the scale and scope of Spear’s continued growth and development.