Spear Power Systems’ Journey: Reflecting on Our History

When reflecting on the journey of Spear Power Systems, we focus on the history of a company that has consistently been at the forefront of battery technology. Since its inception, Spear Power Systems has offered advanced energy storage solutions to a range of industries worldwide, including maritime, aerospace, and various industrial sectors.

The inception of what would later become Spear Power Systems can be traced back to 2005, when Jeff Kostos and Dr. Joon Kim founded Kokam America. Their mission was to pioneer lithium-ion cell technology within the United States, which they successfully achieved with the establishment of the nation's first cell manufacturing facility in 2008.

As the company grew and formed a significant partnership with Dow Chemical, it underwent an evolution and rebranding in 2013, becoming Spear Power Systems. Since its reestablishment, Spear Power Systems has demonstrated unwavering dedication to innovation, developing a suite of new battery storage solutions and refining battery pack integration methodologies. These advancements have significantly enhanced the performance and reliability of energy systems on a global scale.


Kokam America is Formed

The founders include Jeff Kostos, Dr. Joon Kim, and JJ Hong, the founder of Kokam.


Most Powerful

Kokam America technology declared only battery cell powerful enough to power portable ultrasound.


Li-ion Battery

Kokam America technology declared only Li-ion battery capably of starting helicopter rotor at -20°C.


Kokam Co. LTD

Kokam America signs Technical License Agreement with Kokam Co. Ltd (Korea)


Kokam Awarded Grant

Kokam America awarded grant to develop cell technology and pack solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense.


First Facility

Kokam America opens first lithium polymer cell manufacturing facility in the U.S.


Dow Purchase

Dow Kokam buys the assets of Kokam America.


Commercial Production

Dow Kokam plant starts commercial production.


Spear Power Systems Formed

Spear Power Systems formed by former Kokam America founders Jeff Kostos & Dr. Joon Kim.


Lee's Summit Facility

Spear opens new engineering, cell distribution, battery pack assembly, and solution integration facility in Lee’s Summit, MO USA.


Trident Family

Spear launches Trident family of advanced Li-ion batteries for myriad marine applications.


SBIR Phase I Contract

Spear awarded SBIR Phase I contract to support Army’s need for replacement of legacy systems.


Gee's Bend

Spear delivers battery to Gee’s Bend – First Emissions-Free Ferry in U.S.


Niagra Falls

Spear delivers Trident solution to Niagara Falls – First All-Electric passenger vessel in U.S.


Continue R&D

Spear obtains large investment from global investors to fund continued R&D.



Spear delivers battery to Raytheon for Counter-UAS Laser System.


ABB Technology Ventures

Spear obtains additional funding from ABB Technology Ventures.


The New Face of the Future

Spear undergoes a transformation to encapsulate the bleeding-edge advancements in lithium-ion technology.


NCE Maritime CleanTech

Spear partners with NCE Maritime CleanTech to deliver safe, environmentally-batteries to Norway.