Spear Power Systems - A Global Leader in Battery Technology

Spear Power Systems is a leading company in the lithium-ion battery industry. We are revolutionizing the energy storage solutions market with our state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries designed for a wide range of demanding applications, including terrestrial, maritime, and aviation. Our team of engineers, scientists, and project coordinators is committed to providing tailored solutions that meet specific customer needs while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

In addition to being pioneers in battery technology, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including design, engineering, testing, and manufacturing. Our commitment to quality and service ensures customer satisfaction is never compromised. We have decades of experience in cell and industrial battery production, and we always strive to offer our esteemed clients the best solutions.

The History of Spear Power Systems

In 2005, Jeff Kostos and Dr. Joon Kim launched Kokam America. Kokam America was established to bring lithium-ion cell technology to the United States. Their goal was realized as the first cell manufacturing facility opened in 2008. After continued growth and additional partnership with Dow Chemical, the pair formed Spear Power Systems in 2013. Since that time, Spear has developed powerful new battery storage solutions and battery pack integration techniques and technologies.

Energy Storage Solutions for Aircraft, Maritime, and Industrial Applications

Industries are evolving rapidly, and the demand for efficient and reliable energy storage solutions is increasing day by day. Spear Power Systems is a leading lithium-ion battery company that offers unparalleled power storage solutions to various sectors, including aircraft, maritime, and industrial applications. With our innovative designs and high-performance systems, we provide dependable energy solutions that meet the growing demands of the industrial sector.

TRIDENT Maritime Battery Systems

Spear has a wide range of energy storage systems suited to meet any demand. Our family of Trident maritime batteries offers multiple cell chemistries in order to provide you with industry-leading energy density or ultra-high power density depending on the requirements of your application.

Whether you need something for coastal or oceanic operation, we have a Trident battery system that’s right for your vessel. Our reliable batteries are the perfect fusion of resilience and power that no other provider can offer.

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AERO Aviation Battery Systems

The Aero line of batteries brings the best qualities of Spear’s innovative systems to the skies and beyond. Spear’s engineers have created the Aero line to be highly flexible and allow for the system to be customized to meet the requirements of each specific application.

Spear Power Systems is the industry leader in developing high-performance aerospace battery systems. Our Aero aviation battery systems provide superior power with uncompromising safety, ensuring our customers' expectations are exceeded on every project. With Spear Power Systems you can trust that your project relies on a dependable power source that won't fail, no matter how demanding the circumstances.

PIKE Industrial Battery Systems

Pike industrial battery systems from Spear offer a robust battery platform capable of integrating into a wide range of industrial mining equipment and ground utility vehicles. Powered by state-of-the-art technologies, Pike batteries are designed to perform optimally even in the harshest of conditions.

As the go-to option for many industries engaging in specialized operations, our batteries provide reliable and lasting benefits with every use. Start experiencing an enhanced level of performance today with Pike Industrial Battery Systems from Spear.

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"Safe. Agile. Intelligent."

Our Chemistry-Independent Approach to Battery Cell Selection

Spear Power Systems stands out in the battery technology company league with its unique and adaptable approach to battery cell selection. Unlike other companies, which are limited to their own cell chemistries, Spear Power Systems employs its extensive experience to carefully select the best cells from a pool of reliable manufacturers. This ensures that your project benefits from the perfect blend of quality and cost-effectiveness and is one of the reasons why we are considered one of the top lithium-ion battery companies.

At Spear, we understand that every project has unique requirements for space, weight, and battery performance. That's why we go the extra mile to design energy storage solutions that are tailored to your precise needs. Our flexibility transcends cookie-cutter models that are prevalent among rivals, making us a popular choice for power storage solutions.

Safety is our top priority at Spear Power Systems. Our cutting-edge battery management system (BMS) is meticulously designed to provide continuous oversight over your application. Instant alerts for any abnormal performance indicators are provided, and our BMS is equipped with numerous safeguards to identify and isolate issues before they escalate within the system. Spear's BMS excels at quarantining a failing cell and averting thermal runaway to nearby cells.

Whether you require aircraft batteries, maritime batteries, or industrial batteries, Spear Power Systems provides reliable and efficient solutions for all your energy storage needs.

A Battery Technology Company with Global Presence

Spear Power Systems is a leading company in the lithium-ion battery industry, revolutionizing power storage solutions worldwide. Our team is dedicated to crafting energy storage solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients from all over the world. We operate from our headquarters in KANSAS CITY, as well as our operational hubs in EUROPE and SOUTH AMERICA.

Our commitment to providing reliable, efficient energy storage is unwavering. Whether you require powerful energy storage for large-scale commercial projects or compact battery solutions for individual devices, Spear Power Systems has the expertise to meet your needs.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of battery solutions, including aircraft batteries, maritime batteries, and industrial batteries. We are a versatile solution provider in the power storage sector, renowned for our ability to deliver sustainable, efficient energy solutions.