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Our custom Aero battery systems power defense technologies that protect America and her allies.

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We integrate proprietary electronics and innovative thermal management with Best-In-Class lithium-ion cell technology for clean and reliable marine battery solutions.

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Spear Power Systems’ Pike™ batteries offer safe, sustainable lithium-ion options for rugged industrial ground applications.

Leaders in Battery Storage

Does your mission need more power in a smaller space with enhanced safety? Spear Power Systems is a leader in battery solutions for Directed Energy, Unmanned Vehicles, Electric Aircraft, and Satellite Delivery segments.

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Spear Power - A Leader in Industrial Power Solutions

Air, Ground, and Sea. Founded in 2013, Spear offers safe, high-performance energy storage systems for the world’s most demanding marine, industrial, and defense applications.

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Energy Storage Solutions with Flexible Cell Selection & Safety

Spear Power Systems has a wide range of energy storage systems suited to meet any demand. We work closely with clients to accurately define project parameters and use that knowledge to propose a customized solution with the flexibility to readily adapt without compromising performance or safety.

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Energy Storage Solutions for Aviation, Maritime, and Industrial Application

As the world increasingly turns to renewable energy sources, the need for efficient energy storage solutions becomes more urgent. Aviation, maritime, and industrial applications are particularly well suited for inventive energy storage solutions due to the high demand for power and the often remote location of these operations. At Spear Power Systems, we've created a number of different energy storage solutions that can be employed in these industries, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Our lithium-ion battery systems are capable of storing large amounts of energy and providing power on demand. In addition, our battery systems are relatively compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport and install. As a result, our lithium-ion battery systems are capable of meeting the energy needs of a variety of applications.