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Spear’s safe, reliable energy storage systems (ESS) offer exceptional performance in the most demanding applications.  Spear precision engineered battery solutions offer voltages up to 1250VDC, compact high power electronics, sophisticated thermal management, and proven safety protections.

Spear’s Trident family of advanced lithium ion battery storage systems for marine and industrial applications offers multiple lithium ion cell chemistries with a common interface and advanced safety system.  It provides ship owners the opportunity to maximize value for different applications from full electric propulsion to dynamic positioning while reducing integration costs across various platforms.  Trident’s racked or stacked form factors provide designers maximum flexibility to optimize the volumetric efficiency of battery propulsion for applications from passenger ferries to work boats.
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Custom Energy Storage Solutions:

Spear designs and manufactures custom battery solutions for demanding defense and industrial customers. Spear’s Scalable Battery Management System (SBMS) and Scalable Module (SMOD) for cell mechanical support allow for risk reduced, rapid prototyping and reduced time to market. Spear’s decades of experience with large format and high voltage battery systems allows you to rest assured the ESS will surpass your mission objectives and deliver differentiating value to your customers. Most critically, we work hand in hand with our customers as partners to develop, commission, and support the safest, most reliable batteries for your specific requirements.

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