GRANDVIEW, Mo., April 6, 2020 – Spear Power Systems, Inc. (Spear), a Kansas City-based integrator of radically safe and lightweight lithium-ion batteries for the defense, aerospace, and marine markets, stands ready to empower efforts to fight COVID-19 and its effects. We seek partners who need advanced, reliable batteries for lifesaving equipment to provide aid and shelter to those affected.

“Spear’s mission has always been about saving lives,” notes President and CEO Jeff Kostos, “whether it’s protecting the warfighter or preserving the environment for our children. In the present moment, Spear can provide unique advantages to companies who are developing desperately needed tools. We stand ready to support them.” Spear curates a carefully selected library of battery cells which is combined with our advanced battery architecture and battery management systems to produce cutting-edge energy storage solutions. This cell-independent approach means that – even in these difficult times – Spear is able to find the right fit without concern for availability due to economic or logistical restrictions.

Spear is uniquely suited to support advanced medical equipment. Our staff of battery professionals has over 15 years of experience in executing a range of projects, from personal insulin pumps and digital X-ray monitors to oxygen concentrators, artificial hearts, and even a neonatal vitals monitor. In this time of crisis, it is imperative that your applications are reliable and safe. The Spear team’s obsession with safety informs everything we do — whether it’s power-dense solutions for advanced military applications or energy-dense solutions for clean propulsion of passenger vessels, our team gives you the most from your batteries while assuring uncompromising safety. Our veteran team will ensure that your application receives the most dependable solution which means you can focus on what you do best.

When it comes to developing innovative solutions for the most critical applications, Spear stands at the forefront. When your application needs an immediate solution, our design and proposal team delivers a rapid response. When the future of national and global health is at stake, Spear is here to help.

About Spear Power Systems

Founded in 2014 by experienced energy storage entrepreneurs Jeff Kostos, President & CEO, and Dr. Joon Kim, CTO, Spear designs and manufactures safe, high performance energy storage systems (ESS) for clients with some of the world’s most demanding industrial and defense applications. Spear takes a chemistry independent approach towards integrating its in-house designed, scalable electronics, software, and mechanical systems with the most application-appropriate chemistry in order to maximize the value for its clients. For more information, visit